Acton Aid was formed 40 years ago when a group of men from Iron Acton decided to set up an informal organisation to organise events for the benefit of local residents with surplus funds helping good causes in the local community. They also offered their services free of charge to projects that would enhance village life.

Little has changed other than Acton Aid now has over 40 members and the events  organised have a very loyal following and have become larger and generate significant funds for good causes and charities.

Today Acton Aid’s  mission continues to be:

“Raising money for the support of our local good causes”

We do this by organising events and providing  “hands on” assistance to local projects,  ensuring that we have fun in the process.  Acton Aid meet on the first Thursday of every month in the Lamb Inn. We are structured with a Chairman ,Secretary and Treasurer  and all meetings  have an agenda and are minuted.

Message from Richard Hunter, Chairman

Thanks for visiting our website, I hope that you find it helpful and informative.

Acton Aid works for the benefit of the parish of Iron Acton.  A key part of what we do is stage a programme of events throughout the year. These include the Mash and the Proms in the Meadow in the summer, and the beer festival and fireworks display in the autumn. We also work with other parish organisations for occasions such as May Day and village celebrations at Christmas.

These events are for the community to enjoy, and to raise funds which are used to support the parish in general and individuals in need. We also make regular donations to charitable causes and organisations in Iron Acton and further afield. In addition, members often volunteer their time and skills to help improve the fabric of the parish. Recent examples include painting parts of Iron Acton School, tidying the Meadows and River Path and cleaning the Church.

You will find details about these events on this website. If you would like to know more about us, what we do, or would like to alert us to someone in need within the parish, please contact our Secretary, Mike Conner (mikeconner01@btinternet.com) or myself on 07775 506309

This year, we’ll also be supporting Street Life, as my nominated Chairman’s charity. Street Life provide Food, Hot Drinks and Clothing to the homeless in Bristol every Saturday evening. If you have any surplus clothing, toiletries, bed clothes etc, please contact me on richardcharleshunter@gmail.com and I will arrange for it to get collected and distributed.

Thank you.

Richard Hunter

Chairman, Acton Aid


Acton Aid is a “not for profit informal association”. The chairman is elected annually and he chooses a charity of the year that the group will also support through bucket collections at events.

If you are a resident of Iron Acton or an organisation within the village and need assistance or help, please contact us on a confidential basis to discuss your needs.

Please send an email to the secretary with your contact details and a brief description of how Acton Aid may be able to help.